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WBLead is an advanced analytics tool designed for sellers on the Wildberries marketplace. It delivers an in-depth advertising performance analysis and sales trends through seamless integration with the Wildberries API. With its intuitive interface, WBLead simplifies access to essential data, helping sellers optimize their advertising and budget strategies.

Application interface
Application interface

Challenges That Solves App

Challenges Leading to the App's Creation

Lack of Clear Product Data

Sellers of Wildberries needed an easier way to view their products' sales performance. They sought a tool to obtain statistics on conversion rate, engagement, and ROI.

Challenges Leading to the App's Creation

Difficult Ad Campaign Tracking

Sellers needed assistance in understanding whether their ads were effective. They were searching for a simpler method to determine how many people viewed their ads and whether these ads were effective in generating more sales.

Our features

Our Solutions

Product Performance Reports

These reports provide detailed insights into how each product performs in the marketplace. Sellers can see metrics like sales volume, customer views, and conversion rates.

Advertising Campaign Analysis

WBLead generates reports that break down the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Sellers can view data on their ads' reach, engagement, and ROI.

Customizable Dashboard

The WBLead dashboard is designed to be customizable, allowing sellers to prioritize and display the data that matters most to them. This could include real-time sales figures, ad campaign results, or revenue trends.

Real-Time Data Updates

To ensure that decision-making is based on the latest information, the dashboard and reports are updated in real-time as new data comes from the marketplace.

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