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SelfieSelf transforms personal photos into custom art instructions, working with pre-purchased physical art kits. Users input a craft set's code into the app, which then provides tailored guidance based on the kit’s contents, covering styles like RingString, Paint by Number, Mosaics, and Embroidery.

Application interface
Application interface

Challenges That Solves App

Challenges Leading to the App's Creation

Complexity in Personalizing Art Creation

Users felt the necessity for solutions enabling the smooth conversion of their photographs into bespoke art creations. This issue underscored the demand for a simpler method to morph photos into diverse artistic styles, accommodating various preferences and skills.

Challenges Leading to the App's Creation

Customizing Art Patterns to Pre-Purchased Kits

The handicraft retailer faced a significant problem: customers purchased needlework kits but struggled to find or create patterns that matched the specific color range of their kits. This gap between the available kit colors and the desired designs led to customer dissatisfaction and limited creative possibilities.

Our features

Our Solutions

Varied Art Modules

SelfieSelf offers modules like RingString, Paint by Number, Mosaics, and Embroidery, accommodating a wide range of artistic interests and skills.

Photo Processing Choices

Users can select from multiple image processing styles, ensuring their final art piece aligns with their vision.

Engaging Audio Instructions

The app enhances the creative process with professionally narrated instructions and soothing background music, making art creation more enjoyable.

AI-Enhanced Photo Processing

SelfieSelf's ongoing improvements incorporate AI technology, elevating the precision and detail in transforming photos into art patterns.

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Team Composition

Ptolemay Company is powered by a team of over 50 highly specialized experts, including an advanced development crew.

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