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E-Commerce App

Sézane is a fashion label that creates high-quality, products with similar styles to Farfetch. The app connects fashion and beauty shoppers with the brand in a fully-integrated and sustainable supply chain.

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4.9 • 34.5K Ratings
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Ptolemay case

Social Space for Couples

Social media platform with unique features for couples where they can edit notes; set common goals; chat privately and share content with the closest people.

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Marketplace for Renting

Flexible booking system and unusual marketplace where people can't buy anything. Instead, they can rent and do it encrypted securely.

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United States
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Mobile App Development: From Idea to Launch

We know you've been thinking about developing a mobile app for your business. And we know you've probably already considered how much it will cost, how long it will take, and how much work it's going to be.

We're here to help you get started on developing your very own mobile app.
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Cross-platform Development

We build apps for iOS and Android simultaneously — much faster than developing two separate apps from scratch. Spend less time coding and more time getting feedback from users!

Full-cycle IT Development

We take care of everything from design through testing and launch day support. We'll ensure everything goes smoothly so you can focus on growing your business than managing multiple vendors or worrying about your app crashing when people use it.

Business Type

No matter what kind of business you have, no matter what offline business has decided it's time for an online presence — we can help successfully launch your mobile app project with minimal effort and maximum results!
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Our Services

Strategy & Consulting

Project discovery based on 10 year experience in IT

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Mobile app development

Boost your company's digital presence with outstanding features

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Web development

ERP and CRM systems that improve business efficiency

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UX/UI design

Gain more user engagement with catchy design products

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Machine Learning

Bring your business to the next level by data-driven decisions

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Experienced developers are ready to integrate into your team

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Our Tech Stack

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Cross-platform app development SDK that reduces development time by 63%

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The most popular programming language that lets you solve complex problems

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The lightweight framework shortens the startup time for users to download app and get started quickly

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It’s an event-driven I/O framework that lets you build efficient applications that run across distributed devices.

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Clean language design and powerful features offer an accessible user experience

Swift logo

Swift is 2.6 times faster than Objective-C and contains all the modern code features that make programming easier

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Reusable components in React reduces the overall cost of web app development

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React Native

Allows creating native look and feel mobile apps as cross-platform SDK

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