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Diagnio helps women get pregnant by tracking their fertility and hormonal health at home. It uses saliva tests for easy monitoring. The app focuses on women's health, covering areas like postpartum care, endocrine diseases, and menopause.

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Application interface

Challenges That Solves App

Challenges Leading to the App's Creation

Lack of Accessible Fertility Tracking

Women faced challenges in easily and privately monitoring their fertility, due to limited at-home options and the inconvenience of clinical appointments.

Challenges Leading to the App's Creation

Neglected Personalized Care in Women's Health

There was a significant gap in personalized healthcare for women, particularly in addressing comprehensive needs like postpartum care, endocrine disorders, and menopause. This led to insufficient preventive care and health management for women.

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Our Solutions

Interactive Fertility Calendar

The app provides a user-friendly calendar for tracking menstrual cycles. Women input data, and the app predicts fertile windows, aiding in pregnancy planning. The calendar syncs with Apple Health and Google Fit, enhancing fertility tracking.

Saliva Test Analysis

The device captures saliva images, which the app analyzes using advanced algorithms. This provides insights into hormonal changes and ovulation. The app's integration with InterSystems enhances data handling, enabling efficient analysis.

Custom Health Reports

Users receive personalized reports based on their input and test results. These reports offer tailored advice on fertility, hormonal health, and cycle irregularities.

Health Tracking Integration

The app allows for tracking various health metrics, not just fertility. It covers areas like postpartum recovery and menopause, offering a holistic view of women's health.

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