Cloud-based parcel locker

The problem with any e-commerce business is the last mile. LockerPost is a cloud-based parcel locker solution in Turkey and Central Asia. Now it is enough to provide access to your cell and pick up the goods at any convenient time, in a convenient location.

Application interface
Application interface

Challenges That Solves App

Challenges Leading to the App's Creation

Inefficient Cell Automation

The parcel locker system initially suffered from inefficient cell automation. This inefficiency led to poor utilization of locker space and slower processing of parcels, creating bottlenecks in handling high parcel volumes.

Challenges Leading to the App's Creation

Integration with Existing Technologies

A major issue was getting the system to work smoothly with other existing technologies, such as mapping services. This integration was important to help users easily find and use the parcel lockers.

Our features

Our Solutions

Easy Contactless Delivery

Rent a locker, leave your parcel, and send the digital key to the recipient through the app for a safe, no-contact pickup, ideal during health concerns like COVID.

Find Lockers Easily

Locate nearby parcel lockers using a map or advanced filters for hassle-free pickup.

Simplified Payments

Pay for locker rentals and e-commerce transactions within the app for convenience.

Reserve Lockers

Book lockers in advance to avoid delivery delays and ensure secure storage.

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Team Composition

Ptolemay Company is powered by a team of over 50 highly specialized experts, including an advanced development crew.

Results in numbers

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Increase in Operational Efficiency

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Fewer Errors with Automated Processes

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Monthly User Growth for LockerPost

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